Butch For Hire!

Hey there!

Hi, I’m Mo Karnage, a Class A Licensed and insured Contractor. I am queer and genderqueer. I use they/them pronouns. I decided to work for myself full time, and I want to work with people who support me as a queer and genderqueer person. I still run my big company, Karnage Construction LLC, where I can be hired for traditional construction projects. But I also want to be available for smaller tasks that members of the LGBTQ community may want done in and around there home by someone who will respect their pronouns and not be a jerk. So I am marketing these services as Butch for Hire.

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About Me

I’m Mo. A country punk who has a five year old kid and a silly house in Louisa. Most of my work is in Richmond but I am willing to work in Charlottesville and surrounding areas as well. I am vegan, into herbalism and poetry, and love to cook, bake and eat!